Goose Day

Celebrating Goose Day is a Juniata River Valley tradition. Locally, the long-standing custom traces its roots all the way back to 1786, when an Englishman introduced a German farmer to the practice when settling a contract. The Englishman explained that in England, eating a goose on the Fest of St. Michael, patron saint of soldiers and protectors, would bring good luck. Since Medieval times, accounts in England had been settled, contracts renewed, and rents paid on Michaelmas Day. A goose was an expected payment since they were at their prime. To this day the tradition of eating goose on September 29 continues in the Juniata River Valley – in hopes of bringing prosperity throughout the year. 

Local Goose Day festivities last all weekend and include a variety of family-friendly activities that bring the community together. Area restaurants add variations of goose to their menus for this limited time, and businesses join the fun by offering special discounts, and holding games and contests. Live music, a kids Fun Fest, Fall Craft Show, Goose Day Road Rally scavenger hunt, demonstrations and a 5K round out the fun. Be sure to pick up your Goose Day souvenirs including collectibles, pins and t-shirts!


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