Bird Watching

Our region provides excellent viewing opportunities in several different types of habitats, from the high ridge vantage points perfect for the larger raptors, to the pastures, woodlands and riverbanks. The diversity of species is impressive. Raptors, owls, woodpeckers, gulls, warblers, thrushes, finches, sparrows, flycatchers, waders and shorebirds are just a few of the beautiful birds you may see. Jacks Mountain Hawkwatch, above Belleville at the summit of Jacks Mountain, records the number of raptors and their species in the area, with over 5,000 annual sightings of hawks, golden eagles, and bald eagles. In the past, it was not a common sight to see these majestic creatures, but recently, eagles and many other raptors have increased their numbers in the area. Several local businesses offer the tools you’ll need to spot these birds high in the sky, including binoculars and spotting scopes.

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